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Ready for Summer? Turquoise and Copper Cross Bracelet and Earrings Set!

Turquoise and Copper Cross Bracelet and Leather Fringe Earrings Set
Turquoise and Copper Coin Cross Leather Fringe Earrings $50
I just designed this recreation of my original custom Turquoise and Copper Cross Charm Bracelet and these fun cross coin leather dangle earrings to go! What a fantastic set for Spring and Summer!! They have a wonderful western look and feel and are sure to make a statement; imagine them with jeans and boots and a knotted flannel or button up collared white! 
As these were custom designs, they are not available to add to cart, but I can recreate them similarly, so contact me about them if you are interested.

By Kelly Conedera, on

Hi Sherry.
Sorry for the delay in this response! I just realized the blogging comments were “turned on” lol so I am just now noticing them! I’m so bad at this technology stuff!!

Anyway, as far as the bracelets, the correct sizing will be the biggest help with this. But as most people prefer their bracelets a little loose, gravity is eventually going to come into play. Most people just shift the jewelry as needed. If it is a big concern, I think a lobster clasp could be used to get it tighter versus a toggle. Or even a magnetic clasp on some of the smaller pieces.
Hope this helps!

By Sherry Holden, on

how do you prevent the clasps from always being on the top of your wrist instead of the beads?

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