Tibetan Turquoise, Amber, African Brass & Nepalese Statement Necklace
Hot Off the Bench!! Ethnic and bold, this Tibetan-inspired necklace could be right out of a museum exhibit! These are the colors of my dreams...exotic turquoise, saffron, and amber and then combined with the textures and shapes and ethnic components...just wow! Tibetan people are known for their bold adornment and specifically the Khampa people of the Eastern Tibetan plateau. They are mountain herders and move often so they wear their wealth in the form of jewelry and ornament, lots of turquoise, coral and copal amber. This beautiful necklace is full of color and soul and is a one-of-a-kind piece of artisan jewelry. Get it before it's gone!
May 06, 2017 — Kelly Conedera