NEW! Tibetan dZi Talisman Necklace and Unique Totem Statement Earrings
My latest good luck Talisman Necklace and some fantastic, sculptural earrings to go! 
Simple and bold, this statement pendant necklace is like a miniature sculpture to wear. This Talisman is Tibetan-inspired, with a large 12 eye dZi bead which is believed to purify one's karma and bring good luck. This beautiful bead is 55mm ( a little over 2 inches). This fantastic art to wear necklace, is the fifth design in my new Talisman Collection. And my totem earrings look like, well mini-totems! And they actually go with so many of my designs as I love this color scheme, so start shopping this great look!
July 18, 2017 — Kelly Conedera