NEW Payangan BALI Jewelry Collection ~ Natural White and Batik Brown Ox Bone Island Tribal Fabulous for FALL Jewelry Collection
So I just created this awesome natural materials, brown and antiqued white bone jewelry collection and the first thing that came to mind was Bali! Although I picture green and jungle, I also think of the amazing wood and thatched roof huts and beautiful jungle resorts that are on my bucket list! Payangan, Bali has so many unbelievable jungle boutique hotels.

This exotic and unique island tribal jewelry collection features batik brown ox bone beads, antiqued ox bone vertebrae slices, a Tibetan brown horn tusk, a beautiful natural ox bone ring, African brass, copper terra cotta from Greece, a Buddhist om mani padme hum charm, leather and copper wire.

With such a simple, brown and cream white color scheme, you can wear this all year round and with almost anything!
August 22, 2020 — Kelly Conedera