Red Coral, Brass & Silver Multi-Strand Artisan Cuff Statement Bracelet

Red, Red, Red! This dramatic cuff-style artisan bracelet makes a definite WOW statement. With a classic red, gold and silver color scheme, this original artist bracelet is a dramatic take on the typical red and gold pieces available. The different colors, sizes, shapes and textures of the 15 strands of beads give this bracelet wonderful movement and spontaneity and  enable it to be both elegant or Bohemian depending on what you wear. This cuff spans about 2.5 to 3 inches on the arm and can be made to fit looser or tighter, whichever is your preference. This enticing bracelet goes perfect with the Infusion Necklace.  This would also make a great gift of love anytime of the year. See the photo with the attached heart charms. If you like it with the charms, it will be an extra $20. 


July 11, 2017 — Kelly Conedera