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Hot off the Bench! Gorgeous Green Garnet and Chinese Coin Necklace

Gorgeous Green Grossular Garnet and Ancient Chinese Coin Necklace
I just found this beautiful and rare green garnet at a local bead show. Green garnet isn't necessarily rare, but this size and shape is very hard to find! It's a beautiful olive green with some yellow and brown. Each bead is completely different and it looks kind of like a miniature forest inside of a glass container. It's hard to explain and hard to capture in the pictures. The exotic oversize coin is an amazing bronze replica of an ancient Chinese coin, handmade in Indonesia. The larger brass beads are ancient beads from Ghana, Africa. And the smaller spacer beads are bronze from India and Greece.
Imagine this stunning, ethnic necklace with all the colors of fall and will go with almost everything, bones, caramels, browns, maroons, jean, leather, etc.
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