I have loved Van Gogh's artwork ever since I can remember. He is hands down my favorite artist by a mile! His works are full of color and passion and he sees things more beautifully and more powerful than most of us.

He once said in a letter to his brother "There is no blue without yellow and without orange, and if you put in the blue, then you must put in the yellow and orange too, mustn't you?" I so get him with this statement...as any of my followers know, I love blue, yellow and orange and you can see this in my jewelry designs.

I never wanted to name my pieces Van Gogh because nothing will do him justice, but this collection just oozes of bold color and passion and power and with the blue, yellow and orange theme, it just is so perfect! And if I come up with another more perfect collection worthy of Van Gogh's name, I can always make a Van Gogh II and III, etc.

This passion-filled collection features exotic amber resin nuggets from Nagaland, Aegean Sea terra cotta from Greece, bayong wood form the Philippines, lampwork glass and awesome turquoise resin tusks from Java, Indonesia, African batik bone, Tibetan burnt horn and rustic blue bone, tagua nut beads from Colombia, chrysocolla, Czech glass, Tibetan prayer beads, natural turquoise, Thailand Hill Tribe copper toggle clasp, Mexican wood cross and bronze acrylic hoops.

Van Gogh Long Necklace $185
Van Gogh Choker $225
Van Gogh Cross Bracelet $195
Van Gogh Arrowhead Bracelet $150
Van Gogh Hoop Earrings $50
Van Gogh Arrowhead Earrings $60

June 09, 2023 — Kelly Conedera