Beautiful and Vibrant Purple, Turquoise and Gold Coin Statement Bracelet
WOW check out this eye-popping piece! This sensational statement bracelet is out of this world! Elegant and clean, this bracelet is simple yet bold and has a magnificent palette of purple and blue impression jasper and "liquid" gold.
I'm not usually a big fan of basic round beads, but these jasper beads and simply amazing! I wanted them to be the focus with only the addition of gold. The gold charm is an Alexander the Great coin replica made in Greece of heavily gold-plated terra cotta as are many of the gold beads. I also use Turkish gold charms and unique barrel bead and a dynamite heavy duty Hill Tribe gold-plated toggle clasp. I can recreate this piece similarly, but am only making one available as the gold beads may vary and it may take longer to make as many supplies come from other countries.
October 23, 2019 — Kelly Conedera