Rustic Brown and White Tibetan Agate, Brass, Gold, Wood and Jasper Exotic KONA Jewelry Collection
KONA Jewelry Collection

The first thing I thought of after creating this collection is coffee and then Kona coffee and then the earthy volcanic black sand beaches on the big island, specifically Punalu'u. So I thought the black sand was on the Kona Coast but I guess it's on the south-east coast...anyhow, it's still a good name!

This exotic and unique jewelry collection features rare matte brown and white batik looking Tibetan agate beads, African brass, an enchanting hand carved jade pendant of a horn sheep I think, a bronze Greek lion head/chariot reproduction coin, a carved jade dragon, some gold-plated terra cotta from Greece, exotic wood and one-of-a-kind picture jasper rectangle drops.

KONA Necklace $160

KONA Charm Bracelet $130

KONA Drop Earrings $75

August 27, 2020 — Kelly Conedera