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Get ready for Fall with this Exotic NEW brown and white KONA Jewelry Collection!

Rustic Brown and White Tibetan Agate, Brass, Gold, Wood and Jasper Exotic KONA Jewelry Collection
KONA Jewelry Collection

The first thing I thought of after creating this collection is coffee and then Kona coffee and then the earthy volcanic black sand beaches on the big island, specifically Punalu'u. So I thought the black sand was on the Kona Coast but I guess it's on the south-east coast...anyhow, it's still a good name!

This exotic and unique jewelry collection features rare matte brown and white batik looking Tibetan agate beads, African brass, an enchanting hand carved jade pendant of a horn sheep I think, a bronze Greek lion head/chariot reproduction coin, a carved jade dragon, some gold-plated terra cotta from Greece, exotic wood and one-of-a-kind picture jasper rectangle drops.

KONA Necklace $160

KONA Charm Bracelet $130

KONA Drop Earrings $75

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