Desert-Inspired Green, Blue, Purple & Copper Artisan Charm Bracelet

Arizona Desert Charm Bracelet: $225

This awesome artisan statement bracelet is like a miniature piece of architecture. What a soulful combination of exotic metals and unique glass with a rich color palette of blues, purples and greens. This enchanting piece of art to wear is truly a labor of love as I was inspired by my time spent in the Arizona desert. When I went to school in Tucson, I remember all the greenery in the Sonoran Desert this time of year and when the sun set, it would cast a purple hue on the surrounding mountains. And against a bright blue sky, it literally looked like a back drop. It was stunning and very inspiring! The architecture in Arizona was also really amazing, with so many of the buildings actually complementing the desert landscape, lots of copper accents and unique detailing and just very harmonious and beautiful.  I have added a saguaro charm that is hand cast bronze and actually designed in Arizona. 


June 05, 2017 — Kelly Conedera