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Fantastic Bold and Simple Everyday Bone and Brown Collar Necklace $195

African-Inspired Bone, Brass, Leather and Amber Tribal Choker Necklace
Nairobi $195
What a great easy to wear collar necklace! This is fast becoming one of my most sold necklaces. The beautiful bone white and batik brown color scheme make this a classic, versatile piece that can be worn with almost anything and anytime of the year too. It has a tribal look, but not too much so it appeals to even my less adventurous customers. This one is heading to New Jersey.

By Kelly Conedera, on

Hi Chloe.
I am so sorry for the delay in this response! I just realized the blogging comments were “turned on” lol so I am just now noticing them! I’m so bad at this technology stuff!!

Anyway, thanks so much for the compliments!! I’m glad you love my pieces and feel the soul! That’s what I try to create in all my pieces :)

I do not travel with my jewelry. I just sell online, but if you are ever in Virginia Beach, you can come to my studio and check out my jewelry :)

Although I don’t give refunds, if you order a piece and decide it is not what you expected, you can exchange it and we will figure out what works for you.

I am not sure how this comment system works yet, but as I am not responding directly to your comment I am not sure you will be notified of my response! Hopefully you will check back.
Thanks again :)

By Chloe, on

Absolutely love this piece! And so many more!! I just came across your jewelry on Pinterest and I love it! The soul behind your work is even more special. I would love to see and try on in person. Do you travel with your jewelry to any Chicagoland areas?

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