Magnificent Green, Blue, Fuchsia, Copper & Purple Jade Pendant Necklace and Bracelet
I recreated this vibrant and bold necklace with smaller blue chalcedony beads as requested by one of my customers. As these are one-of-a-kind designs, they are not for sale, but contact me if you would like something similar. 
This is a new customer and already one of my favorites :) She game me this amazing review after receiving this set and a couple other sets:
Dear Kelly,
When I opened the package containing my most recent order from you, my mouth dropped to the floor. It is so beautiful. I knew you would come up with something to replace the large stones. The combination of blues, greens, periwinkle are gorgeous. And how you package your items for shipping add to the excitement of opening what is inside. Love those boxes and pouches. And I can't believe how timely your orders arrive. Great job, Kelly. You and your work are one of my very favorites. So glad I happened onto your site a while back. You will be hearing from me soon.
A very🤗 satisfied, happy customer, Judy Brown
February 19, 2022 — Kelly Conedera