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My Latest Custom Design: Green, Pink and Brown Heart Charm Bracelet $150

My Latest Custom Design: Green, Pink & Brown Heart Charm Bracelet
I just finished this original custom bracelet for a client in Quebec who ordered my $150 Personalized Chunky Heart Charm Bracelet and requested the colors green, pink and brown and silver and bronze for the metals.
This is a great choice for anyone and especially for a gift because you choose the colors and you can be sure it will be a completely original, one-of-a-kind bracelet. And as I use materials on hand to create it, I am charging $150 for what would normally be a $200 piece. I use a mix of gemstone, metals, glass, high quality metals and then other unique materials that fit the color choices, for example in this piece I also use pink tagua nut and wood beads.
I can also substitute the charm for a cross, coin, peace sign, tribal piece or pretty much whatever you want. If you want something really specific or expensive, there may be an extra cost of course.
Anyway, get one of these great pieces for yourself or for a gift...Valentine's Day is coming up!!
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Hot off the Bench: Sterling Silver, Cobalt Blue and Turquoise Leather Necklace

Sterling Silver, Cobalt Blue and Turquoise Leather Fringe Necklace
Aphrodite: $175

This fun one-of-a-kind handcrafted artisan necklace is full of character and unique components and textures. This mixed media design features a great mix of old and new elements all brought together with beautiful sterling silver wire work.

I designed this fantastic necklace around the 3 old Venetian millefiori "African" glass trade beads. The beads are historically called African trade beads, as they were created in Venice during the European expansion period beginning in the early 1800’s with the sole purpose of trading them to Africa for gold, ivory, palm oil and slaves. Millefiori is an Italian word meaning "one thousand flowers" and it specifically refers to the multi-layered wound mosaic glass beads which were produced prolifically in Venice during this time period. These beads were made much the same way that cane beads are made today, but more crudely. They have a less finished look which gives them so much natural character and individuality. You can almost feel the history of these beads as you look at them and touch them. They are old beads that have been traded in history showing their age and use with some imperfections such as chipping and pitting.

The large silver focal bead is an old bead from Ethiopia, handcrafted and full of soul! The other components include turquoise, cobalt glass from Tibet, saffron yellow magnesite discs, Thai bronze washers and turquoise blue leather.

This necklace measures 20" around the neck closing with a gorgeous sterling silver s-hook clasp and 5" of additional chain. The tassel portion is about 11" long.

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Hot off the Bench: Bold Turquoise, Amber and Brass Choker Necklace

African Inspired Turquoise, Amber & Ornate Brass Ball Choker Necklace

Ashanti Choker Necklace $225

I designed this beautiful, one-of-a-kind artisan choker necklace around the stunning, ornate brass bead from Ghana. This bead was handmade by the Ashanti tribe of Kumasi, Ghana using the "lost wax" method which has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. These beads are made, one by one, by weaving wax "wires" into a form, investing them in clay, burning out the wax and pouring molten brass into the mold. Each mold is hand made making each bead slightly different from the next, and each having it's own wonderful character.

This unique and exotic necklace also features 3 stunning, large natural turquoise nuggets that have a beautiful palette of blues and browns, 3 large vintage resin beads, one honey gold amber and the other two saffron yellow, an exotic Tibetan silver and amber resin bead, a hammered copper bead from the Karen Hill Tribe in the northern mountains of Thailand and green patinaed terra cotta beads from Greece.

This dramatic necklace is made to fit as a choker and has a 4" chain extender to adjust for size.

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Happy New Year!! Take 25% OFF and Get YOU a New Piece of Jewelry!!

Happy New Year SALE! 25% OFF

Thanks so much for all of your business over the year! Here's 25% off to treat yourself to that piece you saw and wanted when you were shopping for everyone else! Use coupon code HAPPY2018 to get 25% off orders placed between now and Tuesday, January 9th.

This will be the last chance to get many of my jewelry designs, as I am going to be putting my energy into creating new designs, rather than recreating past ones and only my new designs will be available for purchase on my website. I will continue to have a gallery of my past designs for inspiration and will certainly continue to create custom pieces as well.

I also will be selling a selection of beads on my website in the near future.

Thanks again! Kelly

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Gorgeous Amazonite, Lime Green, Purple and Gold Bracelet ~ only $150!

Amazonite, Green Glass, Purple, Gold & Copper Cuff Statement Bracelet
Enchanted Cuff ON SALE $150
Give a gorgeous piece of artisan jewelry this year or put it under the tree for yourself! This beautiful one-of-a-kind amazonite, purple and gold bracelet has such a fantastic palette of color and texture! Normally $200, this is a great price for this beautiful bracelet design.
My Enchanted Necklace and Enchanted Earrings are also on sale, so be sure to check them out!
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Fantastic Personalized One-of-a-Kind Bracelets make Great Gifts ~ only $95

Soulful, Exotic Leather & Bead Mixed Media Boho Tribal Charm Bracelet
These super soulful and exotic bohemian tribal bracelets make wonderful, original and meaningful gifts. I can recreate one of the pictured bracelets or you can tell me what color or colors and charms and I will customize it just for you. It will be a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art and a fabulous gift! These are great for layering too so get a few, some for yourself and some for the people on your list!
Check out my Gift Section for other personalized gift ideas too.
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CRAZY 40% OFF Everything!! Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE

CRAZY 40% OFF Everything!! Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE

I never offer 40% OFF, so take advantage of this one time offer between now and Tuesday. Get yourself that piece you've been wanting and get some gifts too! 

This applies to all orders placed online by Tuesday, November 28th at 11:59pm EST!

Use coupon code bfsbscm40 at checkout.

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Hot Off the Bench! Long Turkish Blue Ethiopian Cross Necklace $150

Turkish Cobalt Blue Glass, Amber and Ethiopian Cross Pendant Necklace
Another fantastic piece to add to my Istanbul Collection. These gorgeous Turkish blue glass beads are so versatile and they will add so much exotic flavor to your outfit! This long necklace will go great with all of your bohemian and gypsy looks, but this beautiful cobalt blue can easily be dressed up to create a more sophisticated look. Just imagine this piece with a simple white blouse and jeans, black dress, or a caramel or even rusty orange sweater. And it will even be fabulous as a new take on the Christmas necklace!
Be sure to check out my other Istanbul jewelry too!
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Got RED? My Antique Style Red Bracelet is a Must-Have for the Season!

Antique Red Shimmer Glass, Bronze Pearl and Brass Statement Bracelet
What a perfect bracelet for the holidays! This is one of my most popular bracelets ever, especially around the holidays. This is my latest version, just getting ready to ship it to a customer in New York. Vintage looking red glass beads, beautiful bamboo coral, brass and a strand of rusty orange work together to make this rustic, but elegant bracelet that perfect versatile! It can be dressed up or down and worn throughout the season. It's going to be your new favorite!! Be sure to check out my entire Holiday Jewelry Collection.
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