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Got RED? My Antique Style Red Bracelet is a Must-Have for the Season!

Antique Red Shimmer Glass, Bronze Pearl and Brass Statement Bracelet
What a perfect bracelet for the holidays! This is one of my most popular bracelets ever, especially around the holidays. This is my latest version, just getting ready to ship it to a customer in New York. Vintage looking red glass beads, beautiful bamboo coral, brass and a strand of rusty orange work together to make this rustic, but elegant bracelet that perfect versatile! It can be dressed up or down and worn throughout the season. It's going to be your new favorite!! Be sure to check out my entire Holiday Jewelry Collection.
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HOT Off the Bench! Gorgeous Turkish Cobalt Blue Glass and Ethiopian Cross Jewelry

Turkish Cobalt Blue Glass Jewelry | Ethiopian Coptic Cross Jewelry

I just got these beautiful Turkish cobalt blue glass beads from a collector who had them for at least 30 years. They are handmade and somewhat crudely cut and they have wonderful character! This color, based on Lapis Lazuli is used widely across the Middle East as protection against the Evil Eye and as good luck. 

Lapis Lazuli has been a prized gemstone throughout history and particularly important to the Middle East as it was first mined in Afghanistan. The stone itself is important, but the beautiful cobalt blue color is prized as well. Cobalt blue glass is used throughout the Middle East, but especially in Turkey where the evil eye (Nazar Boncuğu) amulets have been made for over 3000 years. The cobalt blue glass beads in these earrings are from Turkey as well, hence the title Istanbul. 

I have also used exotic Persian blue "donkey beads" that I got from this same collector. They are made of faience, an ancient non clay ceramic of quartz and sand used 5500 years ago in Egypt. These beads are still being made in the city of Qom, in Iran, where they are used as good luck beads against the Evil Eye. They are used by people, but also in vehicles, homes and on animals, which is why they are called donkey beads. They are crudely handmade and inexact which adds to their wonderful charm.

I love crossing cultures in my designs and I have used a gorgeous Ethiopian coptic cross in the necklace, a cute little Ethiopian cross for the bracelet and some unique cross links in the earrings. These pieces are fabulous and are priced lower than they may normally be as I was able to get these valuable vintage beads at particularly low prices. These would be a welcome change to the typical Christmas jewelry ~ maybe time to shake it up this year!
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Bold & Chunky Persian Blue Ceramic Bead Statement Bracelet ~ $160

Chunky Vintage Persian Blue Faience Donkey Bead and Gold Bracelet
Make a bold statement this holiday season with this beautiful and bold Persian blue and gold statement bracelet. I just made this fantastic, versatile bracelet available again as I was able to get more of these amazing old Middle Eastern faience beads.
These beads are called donkey beads and are made by residents in rural areas of many Middle Eastern countries as good luck charms for their donkeys. These beads are also displayed in the windshields of trucks and cars in urban areas as a good luck talisman against the Evil Eye. The evil eye is the name for a sickness or misfortune transmitted, usually without intention, by someone who is envious, jealous, or covetous. The evil eye belief is that a person can harm you, your children, your house, your health, etc. by looking at you with envy or praising you. The evil eye can be done out of love and unintentionally so it does not always have "evil" intentions attached to it. The cultures that believe in this superstition all blame the eye as the source of this kind of "evil." Most researchers in this field believe that the eye was chosen because of its intrusive nature. It is said to be the windows to the soul so not only is the act of seeing an intrusion by itself but also the eye itself becomes a way to look into a person.
So when you wear this piece not only is it a fashionable piece of jewelry, but a piece of art with a story behind it! This great bracelet will be your go to piece year round and it would make a great gift too! I can add a cross or heart or spiral, etc. to it if you want to give it as a meaningful gift. Just let me know when you place your order.
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Bohemian Cuff Bracelet ~ My All Time Most Pinned Bracelet ~ Get the Look!

Bohemian Tribal Multi-Strand Orange and Green Cuff Statement Bracelet
This exotic bohemian, tribal statement cuff is my most popular pin ever! So if you need an idea for a gift or just want a great new look, this is the bracelet you want. Each one of these gorgeous bracelets is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art jewelry. This piece is obviously great in the summer and fall, but wear it to brighten up those cold weather winter outfits too! Check out my entire Bohemian Collection to get a necklace and earrings to go.
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Make a Bold Statement this Christmas season with my Madison Avenue Necklace

Bold Fashionable Statement Red Coral, Black Onyx, Lime & Gold Necklace
I based this necklace on my Madison Avenue Bracelet and together, they make an absolutely gorgeous set of statement jewelry! This great red, lime green, black and gold color scheme will go so great with the cold weather wardrobe. Just imagine it casual with jeans and a white button up or blouse, or dress is up and wear it with an elegant black dress for your Christmas parties! This beautiful statement necklace is so eye-popping, you just need to wear something basic and the necklace will do the rest! Check out all of my great holiday-inspired jewelry here.
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Get your Holiday Look with my Most Popular Champagne & Gold Bracelet

Holiday Inspired Champagne Pearl, Bronze & Gold Statement Bracelet
Champagne Bracelet: only $150 (was $195)
Get your Holiday bling on with one of my most popular bracelets ever! This classic color scheme of white and gold is always in style and is so versatile! I always sell a lot of these beautiful bracelets during the holidays because it is the perfect accessory for so many holiday events and for the winter white look. This glamorous white and gold bracelet also makes a great gift because who doesn't need this timeless classic piece in their jewelry collection?! I have it on sale for this week for only $150! Click here to get it now and check out my Holiday Collection here!
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2 in 1 Necklace: Wood and Turquoise Pendant Necklace only $125

Long Wood, Leather and Turquoise Donut Tribal Pendant Necklace
What a great price for this bold boho chic necklace that can be worn both long or doubled up as a choker pendant necklace! This versatile and easy to wear statement necklace will make your outfit, no matter how you wear it! The possibilities are endless with this simple and earthy color scheme of wood and turquoise. It's on SALE right now for $125, so get it before it's gone!
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Must Have Simple, Bold Leather Pendant Necklaces! Only $75

Sexy Pendant Necklaces Simple Bold Tribal Bohemian Leather

Key to my Heart Talisman: $75

Soul of Kenya Talisman: $75

Get the look! These easy to wear, simple but bold sexy pendant necklaces are the perfect must have accessory all year round. They have a great boho tribal look and they will make getting dressed so easy! Just throw on some basics and these fun pendant necklaces will do the rest. And for only $75, get a few and layer them up or they make great gifts too! They provide a great POP of color and conversation starter too and they are each like miniature sculptures, so not only are you getting a cool, fashionable necklace, but a piece of art as well :)

Shop all of my Talisman Necklaces.

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Blue, Turquoise, Cobalt, Black Wood and Mexican Silver Cross Necklace

Blue, Turquoise, Cobalt, Black Wood and Mexican Silver Cross Necklace

I just designed this gorgeous set of jewelry for a client as a gift for her daughter who loves crosses and black and blue. I found this stunning Taxco Mexican sterling silver cross with onyx inlay and I designed the statement necklace around it. She had mentioned her daughter was liking green lately as well, so I kept the necklace black and blue, but added green to the bracelet and earrings. I love the way they coordinate, but aren't matchy matchy.

As this was a custom design, it is not for sale, but I can recreate something similar.

Contact me if you are interested in this piece.

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